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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We have a WINNER!

We are looking for a photographer to supply us with some sample shots of seniors so we are having a contest!

The Luna Life is looking for someone to provide 2, 3 or 4 shots of 5 or 6 seniors...

We will use them to show how our Senior Templates will look with a senior in them!

Please leave a comment saying why we should use your seniors!

The winner will be announced after 10pm (central time)on Saturday, August 23rd!

Oh yeah - the selected photographer will receive their choice of Senior Templates for FREE!!!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you all for your comments!!!! This was so much fun!

The winner was picked randomly! How else could we have picked!? You guys are all so amazing!!!!

Without further ado.... The winner is...

Melissa said...
DAG ON... I put my comment in the wrong spot!!!!! lolhere it goes.....ok let see here.. why should you use my senior????????beacause YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!and my seniros ROCK!!!!!!so what happens when two rockin things come together!!!!! WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!!! Say it with me now......WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!!!Pick me.. Pick me.. Pick me..Pick me!!! hey you reading this... Pick meeeeee!!! LOVE, melissa


AlainaB said...

Just dropping a line b/c I'd love to win. However, I only have 3 seniors to show for. They'd look great in your templates though. he,he

bonnie said...

U nd my snrs 2 shw off yr wrk bcz they are U nique like U!!!!!

Martha/Marti said...

Ooooo...Oooooo...:raises hand:...Pick me!! Pick me!!
I think my beautiful images would look great in your beautiful templates! A match made in heaven!


Steph Allen said...

PRETTY PLEASE PICK ME !! I have several Srs to pick from ! www.stephallen.smugmug.com

Steph Allen said...

Steph Allen's Sr Images + Luma Vines templates = Totally Kiss A$$ ! Ok so I really want to win....plus I had a bike wreck- as in bicycle- today - trying the sympathy thing here...hahaha !

Gail said...

Lots of great firsts come from WYOMING: First National Park (and one of the best!), First National Monument, First state to allow women to vote, and (hopefully)First Photographer of Seniors to model on the Luna Vine templates!

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful designs will add a much needed last touch that would help promote both of us in a positive way. Thanks for the opportunity. Keep up the amazing work!


mandi wiltse said...

pick me pick me pick me! I only have two seniors that I've done at the moment...i'm just a beginner is this big world of photography, but I'm sure your templates would help me out alot! :)

Melissa said...

DAG ON... I put my comment in the wrong spot!!!!! lol
here it goes....

ok let see her.. why should you use my senior????????

beacause YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!
and my seniros ROCK!!!!!!

so what happens when two rockin things come together!!!!! WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!!!

Say it with me now......

Pick me.. Pick me.. Pick me..Pick me!!! hey you reading this... Pick meeeeee!!! LOVE, melissa

faustina said...

Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time, man I'd like to save some time... (by using your awesome templates)

Love your stuff ladies! See I still keep an eye on you! Don't be scared :)

Laurie Reed said...

Photography & scrapbooking is my passion, and I'm new to the art of templates. Putting them both together with the templates is awesome. It's very addictive!
I think you should choose my seniors because they are gorgeous and would look great with your templates. Take a look at www.picasaweb.google.com/sassysnaps
"Hello, my name is Laurie and I am a template addict."
E-mail- scrapjunkymom@yahoo.com

Suzanne (HLAY) said...

Why should you pick my seniors for your templates? Because I am too cheap to buy them myself but I really, really want 'em! :P

Dave said...

If being first is a qualifier, then I'm from the first state!
I guess it would help if I had some seniors. So, I need the templates to get some seniors because I don't have your mad photoshop skillz.
Give me the templates and I'll give you a few senioris in em!

schreckphoto said...

Whats hotter than the lunas templates?? what you ask??

well I'll tell you!


the are hotter than my bum after falling off a rock into a bonfire at a meetup!

THATS Torchin.

Backroads by Lynda the blog said...

Your Luna Life templates deserve only the BEST! My seniors this year both the guys and the ladies have been hands down the BEST looking group of kids ever. Why do we need each other, why that is simple......drop dead gorgeous seniors deserve rockin' templates and rockin' templates deserve to be shown off with stunning senior images in them! Enough said!!!


wvkhrissy said...

Your template designs are great,
They inspire me to create.
If your choice of winner is me,
A match made in heaven we would be.
Your templates and my photos,
Would surely make for terrific shows!

Maddie Dean Photography said...

Luna - you know I think your templates rock!! Now help my seniors rock by using my images!!


Maddie Dean Photography said...

had another thought... I think you should pick my seniors since the announcement date is my 26th birthday! How cool of a gift would that be?? Luna using *my* pictures for her rockin templates!!!! Plus I have a new babe so winning a set would save me TONS of time!


Backroads by Lynda the blog said...

It is getting oh so close!


Check out some current senior cuties at www.backroadsbylynda.blogspot.com

Backroads by Lynda the blog said...

Congrats Melissa! Oooo, your templates are going to look SO pretty with Melissa's "rockin" shots in them. Can't wait to see one!

Jennifer Walsh said...

Thanks so much to all of you for joining in on our contest. Keep checking back for more contests in the future!!

:) Jenn

Melissa said...

Thank you so much!! i can't beleive I won!! You guys ROCK!!!!